Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Commitment to Safety

Westlink’s approach to safety remains part of our DNA and is a part of everything we do. Our implementation of a behaviour based safety program, ensure all personnel are fully engaged and committed to being ‘Onboard with Safety’. This Program has brought with it significant results in HSEQ improvement actions through our safety observations reporting system. At present we have sustained injury-free operations, for a period of over 2000 days – a statistic which is among industry leading benchmarks.




Health and Wellbeing Program

Westlink is proud to be an employer of choice and provides a range of services for work or non-work related issues designed to enhance employee wellbeing. We offer tailored mentoring, coaching, and prevention and intervention strategies to all personnel. Westlink considers employees to be our most valuable resource and strive to improve the health and wellbeing of staff by creating a healthy and safe work environment, and developing community links and partnerships.



Westlink has an approach to environmental risk management based on robust processes of identification, assessment and control of risks across all functions of the organisation. We aim to eliminate or avoid where possible, our impacts on the environment, and contribute to leaving lasting benefits across all regions where we operate.


In addition to our direct environmental management actions, we pursue and promote opportunities, such as sustainability and conservation, to deliver a positive legacy during our regional operations. We remain committed to protecting the environment through safer operations and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. Furthermore, Westlink will choose to develop partnerships with organisations who adopt similar environmental practices.


We endeavour to ensure compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and other requirements as applicable and identified by the company, inclusive of all domestic and international quarantine legislation.


To achieve our objectives we are dedicated to maintaining our environmental management systems in accordance with ISO14001:2015.