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We specialise in haulage and lifting of oversized, heavy and abnormal loads

The projects and operations we service require the movement of heavy and oversized equipment and fabrications, sometimes to isolated sites that are often in harsh environments with a lack of infrastructure. These challenges require the specialist transport equipment and expert knowledge provided by Westlink to lift and shift for construction or operation activities.

Westlink has provided lift and shift solutions for close to thirty years with effective interface coordination between factories, ports, local government authorities, communities and site teams for seamless delivery. No equipment or fabrication move is the same – our team understands this with specialised design and careful planning for each move.


All haulage and lifting we provide is coordinated by experienced Westlink operators supported by our inhouse technical team. Our business partners in haulage and lifting are either globally positioned or locally based which offers both reach to our customers’ global operations and locally available haulage and lifting equipment bolstered by intimate local area logistics knowledge.


We can lift and shift your equipment to any  project or operation location by specialised haulage and lifting solutions such as:

  • Heavy lifting

  • Jacking and skidding

  • Police and pilot escorts

  • Custom spreaders and transport beams

  • Specialist haulage and lifting solutions

  • Conventional haulage

  • Heavy haulage

  • Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)

  • Rail haulage

  • Conventional lifting

Some of our haulage and lifting experience is captured in the gallery below.

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