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Our solutions can combine marine, land and air transportation

Our customers’ demands and requirements for their projects most often require more than one mode of logistics – air, land and marine – to move their equipment and assets especially when international transportation is concerned.

These multimodal or intermodal logistics solutions require careful planning and interface management to ensure that all various stakeholders involved with the transportation are aligned with customer requirements, schedule, required transport equipment, engineering, operations, interactions between various modes of logistics and responsibilities.

The Westlink team has vast experience in managing complex multimodal transport operations and all these carefully planned and successfully executed our project management, operations and technical service departments. These types of solutions are what Westlink specialises in delivering to our customers – high performing management and execution of complex end-to-end logistics across land, sea and air.

Some of our past success in providing multimodal transport solutions are below.

  • Heavy lift shipping

  • Breakbulk shipping

  • Tug and barge

  • Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro)

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