Delivery Solutions From Upstream to Downstream

Provision of energy is evolving throughout the world, driven by emission issues and transforming markets. Wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, hydro and other forms of renewable energy are developing markets and technologies but with particular challenges in commercial deployment. These challenges are compounded by the remote locations that many of these projects and operations are strategically located to maximise energy input and efficiency. All of this contributes to the inherent pressure and requirement for optimised logistic models for project delivery and lifecycle support. Westlink can support your company with tailored logistics solutions for renewable energy projects and operations.


Some key specific capabilities that can be provided include:

  • Offshore and onshore site delivery
  • Sensitive handling of fragile system components
  • Critical spares rapid delivery
  • DP operations
  • Construction vessel interfacing
  • Optimal stowage for wind turbine blades and towers

Capability Statement