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Project Completion – Westlink delivers large gas compressor system on Antonov AN-124 aircraft

Westlink recently chartered the Antonov AN-124 aircraft to deliver a 35-tonne gas compressor system from the USA to Winchelsea in Victoria, Australia.

The large cargo plane was utilised to transport the compressor system under time pressure, travelling a total of 11,000 nautical miles.

This compressor system will be used in the expansion of a compressor station, to enable additional capacity ahead of expected gas supply shortages.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this exciting project; it was a complex but incredibly rewarding challenge.

Keep an eye out for our project video detailing the full transportation journey of the Antonov AN-124!

Services provided by Westlink included:

  • Origin services – pre-flight inspections

  • Air Freight – Antonov AN-124

  • Destination services – quarantine clearance and transportation to site


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