On-Track Rolling Stock & Rail Delivery

Westlink are committed to assisting both manufacturers and operators to safely deliver their passenger rolling stock with cost effective and timely solutions. Westlink Rail is experienced in passenger rail systems both for diesel and electric motive power across high speed, light rail and other applications.


Some key specific capabilities that can be provided include:

  • Specialised handling and transportation of DMUs and EMUs
  • Transportation of passenger rolling stock through built up metropolitan urban areas to remote infrastructure constrained regions
  • Quality assurance and inspections of rolling stock in factory and at port before loading
  • International transportation of second hand and used rolling stock with quarantine compliance
  • Rail isolation and total site control during rolling stock delivery
  • Transportation pre-packaging and cleaning
  • Logistics solutions for delivery of high speed, regional, surburban/commuter, light rail – including all tram variants, and Metro fleets

Capability Statement