Logistics Management From Pit to Port

The size of mining port infrastructure is growing with increases in bulk vessel size, production rates and mine life years. In order to reduce the cost and time taken to construct and commission this infrastructure, which is an integral part of the monetisation of mining companies product, components of port infrastructure including wharf, conveyor and ship loading sections are being constructed, delivered and installed as large oversized modules. This reduces the construction cost, time and risk of stick building on site but also requires bespoke multimodal logistics solutions to transport the heavy oversized sections from fabrication yard to construction site at the port. Westlink has provided total logistics management and execution for mining port development for some of the biggest mining port infrastructure in the world including Port Hedland in Western Australia.


Some key specific capabilities offered include:

  • Direct wharf module section installation by heavy lift vessels
  • Direct shiploader and tripper installation by heavy lift vessels
  • Shallow draft vessel solutions for delivering oversized equipment into developing marine facilities
  • Handling and transportation of piles, headstocks, dolphins and other marine infrastructure
  • Direct delivery of port components to construction vessels and barges
  • Logistics input into module design to optimise utilisation of vessels and transport assets whilst maximising constructability

Capability Statement