Logistics Management From Pit to Port

Shifting market conditions has meant that there are increasing pressures and challenges on capital costs of new projects and operating costs of existing operations. Supply chain and logistics are a critical consideration in reducing these overall CAPEX and OPEX costs with on-time safe delivery paramount to minimise production impacts. These increasing cost pressures has driven a trend to construct or upgrade mining assets with oversized preassembled modules to minimise cost and risk of onsite stick build construction especially in the logistically challenging remote areas where the deposits reside.


Westlink has been servicing some of the biggest mining companies in the world with their global operations – from pit to port – providing logistics solutions for earthmoving equipment, material handling and processing plant, heavy haul rail infrastructure and rolling stock and ship loading infrastructure. Westlink has serviced the mining industry for over 20 years with specialised logistics management in unique experiences for the above mining subsectors.

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