Responsive Logistics to Critical Situations

Governments require responsive, flexible and well executed logistics for their operations and projects wherever stationed around the world. This often involves the transportation of valuable equipment vital to operations that can be located in remote and hazardous environments. These challenges are compounded by the extremely time sensitive requirements for delivery.


Westlink has been serving governments and their contractors with projects and operations across the globe with capability in sustainment logistics, operations supply chain, inventory management, in gauge and oversized equipment movements. Our logistics delivery model success in this sector is underpinned by the collaboration with supply chain management of the stakeholders in each operation.


Some key specific capabilities that can be provided include:

  • Emergency air charter options for LCLs to heavy out of gauge items
  • Safe and robust transportation of munitions and other dangerous goods
  • Expert customs clearance and port knowledge for international movements to developed and developing countries
  • Used machinery and equipment movements with seamless quarantine and customs clearance
  • Cargo security escorts
  • Equipment inspections and packaging for transport