Delivery Solutions From Upstream to Downstream

As locations for onshore processing and distribution facilities move to more remote locations, there is a trend to construct these assets with preassembled modules to reduce project schedule, cost and risk associated with onsite stick build construction. These modules are stretching the boundaries in size and weight and require unique and rigorous logistics planning and execution to deliver from fabrication yard to in situ positions on site – ready for commissioning. Westlink has inhouse capability and experience in providing logistics to deliver modules and other equipment for both Greenfield and Brownfield onshore projects for LNG, GTL, refining, petrochemicals and unconventional such as Shale Gas. Our service doesn’t stop at project phase with ongoing supply chain management during operations for production and maintenance.


Some key specific capabilities that can be provided include:

  • Oversized module movements – SPMTs, heavy haulage and cranage
  • Delivery to remote field locations
  • Stick built and preassembled logistics support
  • Critical spares rapid delivery
  • Heavy lift and RoRo operations
  • Quarantine and pre-transport preparation
  • Site route surveys and traffic management