Westlink is committed to improving the industries it operates in and ensuring that there are long lasting benefits for the surrounding communities. We are committed to working with local communities and being an active participant through the support and utilisation of local services, suppliers and tradespeople.


Across the regions that Westlink operates in, it actively seeks opportunities to “buy local” where appropriate and possible. Westlink recognises and seeks to further support the financial multiplier impact of utilising local businesses and organisations. This ensures not only greater financial benefits for the local companies and communities involved, but expands the local knowledge available to a team and assists in minimising the overall operational costs of providing services.


In regional areas, this translates into appropriately skilled and experienced personnel being available to undertake the provision of services and ongoing support. This expands the scope of the experience for local contractors and their ability to further develop, providing even more local benefits and greater local opportunities.


Indigenous Engagement

Our projects are generally complex with a large number of stakeholders and stakeholder perspectives, our focus is on creating innovative partnerships and initiatives with local businesses that encourages engagement of local content and in particular the indigenous throughout each project’s life cycle.


The benefits of doing so include a stronger social licence for us to operate and provide more effective project delivery; increased community patience, understanding, and participation; greater community wealth and strengthening of the Westlink brand globally.